Mohave Community College Generates Significant Economic and Social Benefits for Mohave County and A

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April 02, 2024
April 2024
Media Contact: Vanessa Espinoza, MCC Public Info. Manager, 

Mohave Community College Generates Significant Economic and Social Benefits for Mohave County and Arizona
MOHAVE COUNTY – April is National Community College Month and Mohave Community College (MCC) is pleased to share its pivotal role in fostering economic growth, increasing employability of students and enhancing the overall quality of life in Mohave County and Arizona.

The substantial contributions to the local economy and society are highlighted in a study conducted by Lightcast, an international leader in economic impact and labor market data. It found that MCC helps students become more employable and reach their potential. In terms of employment, the College, along with its alumni and students, support one out of every 29 jobs in the region.

"MCC's impact extends far beyond the classroom," said MCC President Dr. Stacy Klippenstein. "We're proud to be a driving force for positive change in Mohave County and Arizona, and we remain committed to providing high-quality education and workforce training for all students."

The study highlights the College impact on the local and regional economy through and enhances overall productivity in the regional workforce. Through the College operations, student and alumni impact, MCC added $154.9 million in income to the Mohave County economy in fiscal year 2021-22.
"That contribution is equivalent to approximately 2.4% of the total gross regional product of Mohave County, and it's likely higher now because the study researched economic data during the pandemic when MCC and colleges across the country experienced a downturn in enrollment," said James Jarman, Executive Director of College Communications.
In addition to its economic impact, the College provides substantial benefits to students, taxpayers and society statewide. MCC helps students receive a stream of higher future earnings that will continue to grow throughout their working lives. It also generates benefits for taxpayers because graduates are much less likely to be dependent on government services and instead join the workforce and contribute to the local and regional economy. This benefits society as a whole by creating a more prosperous economy.

"Mohave Community College creates value in many ways, benefiting both our students and the regional economy," said Dr. Klippenstein. "We are committed to providing our students with the tools they need to succeed and contribute meaningfully to our community."

For more information and to view the study's findings about the value of Mohave Community College to students and the regional community, please visit
National Community College Month, observed in April, celebrates the contributions and achievements of community colleges in providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality education to millions of students across the country. It aims to raise awareness about the important role community colleges play in fostering workforce development, economic growth, and social mobility. The month also highlights student success stories and the wide range of programs and services community colleges offer to meet the needs of their communities.